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an invitation to discover...

world of wonder is a mobile play group that comes to you.


we are early childhood education professionals who understand the inherent need of "play".


we provide engaging science and sensory 

experiences customized to your child's interests. 


we might make a "mess" and yes, we do clean it all up!


you are welcome to stay and play or be on your way.

"If it hasn't been in the hand and body,

it cannot be in the brain."    -Bev Bos

are you ready for a night out?  get a PLAYbysitter with WOW.  *we are pediatric CPR and 1st aid certified.


let us ease your mind and nurture your little ones, so you can escape in solitude or together to connect for a while, be it for an evening, afternoon or even a weekend getaway! and we travel, too! @keiki on the beach

call us at (833) GOOOOPY or CONNECT with us here for our availability and rates!

a fun, social opportunity for both parents and children to come together and PLAY (or hang out).


we can facilitate consistent or random gatherings.


ask us about the perks for being the host for your own circle of friends!

ideal for you and your own play date getting out of the house or just enjoying some much needed alone time.


this is beyond babysitting as we won't be watching t.v. and numbing our brains.  

we customize each play date with your child's personality and preferences in mind.


does your child want a friend over to join us? please do. 

put together an intimate gathering of your close friends to celebrate your beloved's special day with one of our specialty sensory parties.


will it be goopy, fizzy or squishy?


we can help you decide.

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